Safford Unified School District

In the fall of 2009, I appeared in front of the Safford Unified School District Board and asked for new uniforms for the Safford High School Band. Although the board was anxious to grant the request for new uniforms, the financial problems presented by our current economic environment made it impossible to afford the large price tag. This meant we would have to find another way to outfit our band in some sort of temporary uniform at little to no cost.

I went to Janet Oesterling at Trophies 'N Tees and told her of my problem. She told me about her children and their band experiences. She also said how proud she was to see them in their band uniforms. Finally, she told me she was eager to help because she wanted my students to present a good public image for Safford. Janet not only suggested some good quality and inexpensive alternatives, she offered to sell us the products at a greatly reduced price. As part of my due diligence, I compared the price with many other companies (including online discount services) and could not find any company that even came close to matching Trophies 'N Tees very inexpensive proposal.

I have always heard that you "shop local" in order to spur the local economy and provide jobs to our neighbors in the Gila Valley. I am here to testify that not only is this advice solid, but in our case we saved a lot of money. In addition, we will be provided greater service than having to travel out of town to make arrangements and receive delivery of these items. I urge all of my neighbors to at least consider local purchases before automatically assuming everything is cheaper and better in the city.

Thanks to Janet at Trophies 'N Tees for great service at a more than competitive price. This will allow us more time to actively pursue fund-raising for the purchase of permanent band uniforms. Businesses like Trophies 'N Tees, Richards Music and many other are obviously very concerned about our community. I would like to express my thanks on behalf of the Safford High School band for their continued support.

Dr. Thomas Sullivan (Band Director)
Safford Unified School District

New Life City Church

"We wanted to send you a "Thank You" letter on our wonderful new stationary, made with our awesome logo!

We are SO happy with it! We have received many compliments too! We tell them all that we had an amazing artist do it for us and that he was as equally fantastic to work with as he was patient with all of our changes!

We just wanted you to know that we appreciate your time and efforts and your attention to detail! It made all the difference in the final product!

Thanks so much Michael!

Tony Petty & Traci Taylor
New Life City Church