Janet Quinn

Janet Oesterling

Trophies ‘N Tees has been in business since 1991 when Janet Oesterling and her Husband, Dalton Curtis, bought Van Leuven’s Award & Engraving. They renamed the business Trophies ‘N Tees to reflect what they did. Janet and her son, Michael Curtis, have worked side by side in the business since they opened their doors. Now, some of Janet’s grandchildren are beginning to help at the shop.

Trophies ‘N Tees specializes in engrave trophies and plaques, screen printing, embroidery, vinyl banner and signs. Promotional products, such as pens and pencils, are also available. Once they have your logo, they can put it on just about anything.

One of the state of the art service they offer is laser engraving which is made possible with a modern laser engraver. It can engrave on anything – even paper. The laser engraver is typical of the modern high tech equipment used in the business today. The business has come a long way since it’s beginnings in 1991. Back then there were no computers. Today they have about a dozen computers running their business.

Trophies ‘N Tees has about 10 employees, including Michael and Janet, who work

Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis

in the business every day. Janet says that she enjoys coming to work every day. “I come down here and it just fascinates me. There’s no end to the variety,” Janet says. “I’ll come down here in my walker.”